Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So I have a rather old main computer (I'm rocking a 2006 MBP), and have finally saved up enough to build a rather powerful gaming machine!

About a week ago I ordered everything and just today I received my first piece, my CPU!
I decided on the new Intel Core i7-3960X (for some enthusiast fun) and to my surprise Intel threw in a single core desktop processor (the Celeron G440) to the package! Looks like I may have to build a little NAS box for my house in a couple months...

This is the front of the two cases...I'm so pumped!
And here's a picture of the actual processors (in the box still).

I am really hoping these meet my expectations. I plan on getting a Corsair H100 coller for the CPU and will expand the loop at a later date.

So what are some of your own experiences with Intel processors? Are you an Intel or AMD person? Leave your answer in the comments!

And have a great day!

First Post!

Well this is my first post to my first blog!

I want to keep this short and sweet, and simply want to test out the look and feel of my blog! Get ready for many random future posts about anything and everything!

Thanks for stopping by!